The city is full of life, activity, tourist attractions. There is so much to see, so much to shop for, with some of the best price. There are so many fun activities to make your stay in Dubai a memorable with car hire.

It is quite unlikely that you would be visiting Dubai and prefer to stay indoors. Therefore, when you think of this vacation, one of the things that are probably going through your mind is how to get around the city. Or maybe not.

Thinking of driving in Dubai with rent a car ?

The reality is many of us do not think of how we are going to be getting around. This is because it is usually in our mind by default. we just get ready, grab the car keys, get into the car, and zoom off (for car owners who have their cars in that same city). On the other hand, we just think that we only need to get ready and call a taxi. So just step out and flag one down, or skip to the nearest bus stop.

The only time we stop to think is when we are at new place. We know little or nothing about how the transportation system works in this new place. You don’t know to get around. And so you begin to sample the options.

Public transportation 

When you are thinking option of taking public transportation, some of the things you should know. This option is more beneficial to people who visit  Dubai with the family or friend. It is also an option for people who are on business trip that does not require to move around.  Also for those who are not planning to go around the city much. There are many people who still want an opportunity to have fun after business hours.

The downsides 

When you are planning to take a trip to Dubai, or are already in Dubai, and you know that you are going to be moving around much, you should know that taking the public transport might be cumbersome for you. Because they would not get you everywhere, and you may need to call a taxi at some points that is going to cost you a lot, that may not be very encouraging. You might start thinking of cutting down on your movement which take the fun out of your trip. You might want to take your family of 4 out, but only 3 seats left on the first bus arrived. That is enough to trigger stress, and that is the last thing you want on your fun trip.

Driving in Dubai – An easier option

Experiencing or thinking about these setbacks in transportation may make you start thinking of the option of driving instead.

While driving always seems like a more convenient option, it is not out of place to have uncertainties about driving in a new city. There are many things to consider – the roads network, the driving rules, documentation, parking rules, buying gas, and so on.

Driving in Dubai is not as difficult as some may think. The only aspect that may worry you at first is that you would be driving on your right. For some this is not a problem, except you are coming from a country used to drive on your left. Apart from this, there is hardly anything to worry about driving in Dubai.

Driving in Dubai – The experience

The road network is very good, perhaps one of the best in the world. The road signs are in Arabic and in English, the parking spaces in malls are free. Here the gas is quite cheap. With GPS trackers, you are likely not to get lost a lot, and getting around is relatively easy.

There are other things that you require to make sure that you improve your driving experience in Dubai. Like getting all your driving license in place – depending on your visa status from the country you are from. If you rent a car Dubai, your rented car must have the vehicle insurance intact. You should also be careful to observe no drink and drive rules, as Dubai is very strict on these.


In summary, driving in Dubai is easy, the road signs and GPS tracker help you. You will have fewer problems with the law when you have your papers and car papers intact. The roads have a good network with six (6) major highways and other minor roads that are connected.

Driving in the sandy areas (deserts) are only easy for people who are experienced in driving in such areas.  So if you are not experienced in this, you may want to avoid a trip to the safari. Plan and go with someone who knows how to drive in the safari.


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