Maintenance and repair is a crucial part of overall car care. It boosts your safety and that of other road users, maintains the vehicle’s value, and ensures that it performs at its best. Neglecting and postponing car maintenance is a risky safety hazard and may result in costly repairs in the future. Below are car maintenance and repair mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Performing DIY repairs and maintenance

Simple car care needs such as changing the oil, flushing gear oil, and replacing belts can be done at home. However, some repairs may be complex for you to handle. Hiring an efficient and reliable repair specialist like the Crash Champions ensures that all your repair needs are professionally taken care of. Taking your car for professional repair services boosts longevity because these professionals are knowledgeable and skilled on the proper procedures, processes, tools, and equipment to use during repair.

  1. Skipping regular maintenance and inspection

Every car comes with recommended maintenance checks such as brake pads and filters replacement from the manufacturer. Sticking to the servicing routine helps mechanics diagnose, identify, and repair any mechanical and electrical faults early enough to enhance safety. Regular servicing also ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly, its parts last longer, and the overall longevity of the car increases. Additionally, sticking to a maintenance routine helps maintain your car’s value when you need to sell it.

  1. Neglecting wheel alignment and tire rotation

Your tires determine how well your car accelerates, brakes, steers, rides, and handles. Tire rotation and wheel alignment are maintenance procedures that enable your tires’ smooth performance. Take your vehicle for alignment if you notice it pulling to one side, uneven tire wear, and the steering wheel looking crooked even when driving straight. Your car is designed to have various front and back weights. Move the front tires to the back and the back ones to the front to balance the weight load to ensure even tire use, leading to even wear. If you notice uneven wear, low tire pressure, and vibration at speeds over 45mph, take your car for tire balancing.

  1. Ignoring fluid changes

When you let your car fluids become dirty and contaminated, the engine’s lifespan is affected. Clean fluids and regular fluid changes improve operational efficiency and increase the life of your car’s engine. The manufacturer recommends fluid changes based on mile intervals and time for some. The fluids requiring frequent change include motor oil, brake fluid, rear differential oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant, hydraulic clutch fluid, and power steering fluid.

  1. Not checking tire pressure

Tire pressure is a crucial maintenance aspect that, when ignored, can damage the tires. The owner’s manual from the manufacturer should guide you on how much pressure each tire requires. Additionally, check the vehicle’s recommended weight on the manual to avoid exerting more pressure than the tires can handle for efficient fuel consumption. Use tire sealant to protect your wheels from road disasters.

  1. Failure to replace car lights

Light replacement is a maintenance service that replaces dead or flickering lights. Consider using LED lights in your vehicle to properly illuminate the road for your safety and that of other road users.


Proper car repair and maintenance routines ensure your safety, boost vehicle reliability, and improve longevity. These are the repair and maintenance mistakes you should avoid to improve your car’s performance.


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