If you’re looking to play some good lottery games online, you definitely can’t go wrong with Lottoland. Ever since it opened up in 2013, Lottoland has been entertaining players from around the world. Players are given a handful of game options like EuroJackpot, Powerball, and Lotto 5 at Lottoland.

In this article, we’re going to introduce to you what Lottoland is, what the process of lotto betting is, and why you should go out of your way to give it a shot, especially if you’re into lotteries.

What is Lottoland?

Lottoland is an online lottery website that was established by David Rosen in Gibraltar in 2013. The company first started with seven employees and then grew exponentially over the years and has also received endorsements from celebrities. It has also received numerous EGR awards for both Rising Star and Alternative operators.

Lottoland also transfers funds to the Lottoland Foundation, which is a german-based, legally independent organization that was formed in 2016. The organization is responsible for promoting sport for the able-bodied and disabled.

Though it is an online lottery platform, it offers a variety of other products that we will cover later on in this article.

Is Lottoland Legit?

The first thing that goes through people’s minds whenever they see an online lottery side or a casino is whether the platform is legit or not. Likewise, Lottoland falls into the same boat as the rest and we’re here to tell you that it is 100% legit.

Lottoland is licensed by several renowned licensing authorities, including:

  • The Irish National Excise License Office
  • The UK Gambling Commission
  • The Gibraltar Gambling Supervision

Lottoland also has licenses from various National supervisory bodies from other nations like Ireland, Sweden, Italy, and Australia. Speaking about Australia, there was a time when the Australian government I had considered banning Lottoland altogether. Draft laws were passed by the government in June 2018 expressing concerns that Lottoland was seeking to damage family-operated news agencies karma misleading people about prizes and facilitating problem gambling. Lottoland took notice of this and then filed a complaint against the Australian Communications and Media Authority, which resulted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales ruling in favor of the company.

Still, certain countries have geo-locked Lottoland, including the United States and other states that are considered high risk. That’s why you should double-check whether you’re a resident of a restricted country or not.

Lottoland previously had renowned British presenter Chris Tarrant as a brand ambassador, and if the platform was a scam site, then it wouldn’t be receiving any celebrity endorsements.

Unlike most lotteries from around the world, Lottoland operates differently as it uses something known as lotto betting.

What is Lotto Betting?

Lotto betting is the process of betting on the outcome of the official lottery draws, especially on which balls (numbers) are going to be drawn. In other words, we choose the numbers that we believe are going to be drawn, and if our guest turns out to be accurate, then we can win prizes. Prize sizes are dependent on the number of balls (numbers) that we guess correctly.

You Bet on the Lottery Ticket Instead of Buying it

As you can see, lotto betting doesn’t involve buying a ticket and the process is conducted via a different independent company, like Lottoland, which isn’t in any way affiliated with the appropriate lottery operator. Therefore, any money that we win will be paid to us by Lottoland and not the official lottery operator.

If you’re still confused about this, then we’ll explain. If, for instance, you bet on the US Powerball jackpot and if you guess all the numbers correctly, then Lottoland is the one that will pay you the prize money instead of Powerball, as it’s in the United States.

Cash Prizes Will be Similar to Those From Official Lotteries

Lottoland ensures to pay you with prizes that are similar to that from official lottery operators. These prizes also include the jackpot itself, making it look as if you’ve won from an official lottery ticket.

Let’s assume that you’ve bet on a lottery like the US Powerball and you accurately guessed five numbers (not necessarily the Powerball). This allows you to walk away with the second prize tier that is about £35,000. As a result, Lottoland will match you up with a price similar to that money.

How Lottoland Pays Such Enormous Jackpot Amounts

Lottoland can pay customers with an amount that is similar to the official lotteries thanks to an insurance model that it operates. The online website pays every smaller win right from the revenue they’ve accumulated from their sales. The larger ones are covered by Lottoland’s insurance model.

Why Lottery Tickets Are Not Offered

Lottoland doesn’t sell tickets as it wants to give players the freedom inconvenience of placing free bets, offer special offers, and unique rewards such as the Double Jackpot.

What’s more, is that Lottoland offers ‘special jackpots’ that are higher than those offered by official lotteries.

Lotto 5 at Lottoland

Before we wrap up this article, we thought that it would be great to talk about one of the coolest new features to ever hit the online platform in the form of Lotto x5.

Lotto 5 at Lottoland is a recently introduced betting game that gives players over five chances to win £1 million for £1. This means that for every £1, players have more than a single chance to win the million-pound prize money. So automatically, this game offers players far better chances of hitting the big one than the official lottery operators themselves.

What’s especially exciting about Lotto 5 at Lottoland is that there’s a new drawing every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. So if there are five chances to win a million pounds for each game, this means that Lotto 5 at Lottoland offers a total of 15 chances to win the big cash prize in just a single week.


Now, do you see how different Lottoland is from other lotteries from around the world? Not only do you save up from buying a ticket just to bet on the same lottery numbers on a ticket, but you also have more chances of winning grander prizes, especially with Lotto 5 at Lottoland.


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