Facing too many problems with your car and motorcycle when you drive? A small liquid formula fills all you survive.

From the first ray of gathering to the light of the moon, we all are the riders of a long journey called life. The wheel of our vehicles leave their mark on the roads and lead us to the destination. In the journey from the beginning to the end we Aayami tyre tube guard the best tyre sealant protect your tyres with all road disasters.

Every day on the running streets of metro cities and towns we travel a hundred kilometres. Where four-wheelers and two-wheelers have to face of broken tracks and scorching heat. In such a situation, it is common to have puncture and heat burst. The days of these problems are gone. Now be a smart rider and leave your worries on Aayami tyre tube guard, who will give you relief from all your tubular and tubeless tyres related problems in few moments.

Have you become worse by repairing punctures or replacing tubes? Do you think about buying tubeless tyres now? Tubeless tyres saved us from immediate trouble but it is not easy to run with punctures for a long time. To overcome these problems of tubular and tubeless tyres we have a red and blue solution.

Red sealant for tube tyre immunes your tyres towards burst due to road frictional heat and puncture and Blue sealant a revolutionary tyre solution makes your tubeless tyre a Puncture less tyre.

It’s a bit ridiculous to imagine of travelling in a car with a mechanic all the time, or a spare tyre on a bike, or find a puncture shop in a thousand kilometres of high track on Royal Enfield. Say goodbye to worries Aayami gives you an easiest and cheapest solution from all these expenses and confusion? We provide you with the best tyre sealant kit that’s easy to carry in the car and bike all the time and it worth less than your pocket money.

The heat generates in your tyre due to road friction also affects the mileage of your vehicles and this also poses a risk of a tyre explosion. Our liquid solution prevents heat which controls your fuel efficiency and makes your every ride fuel economical.

Using this liquid formula is very easy with the help of our tyre sealant kit. Just fill your tyres and extend their life for long and long.

From all over India we got full of satisfaction reviews after people using our products. If you are crazy about the ride, only once give a chance to Aayami tyre tube guard and enjoy the fearless ride called life.


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