A motorcycle accident is a frightening experience. Several safety precautions are taken to minimize the risk of motorcycle accidents. However, motorcyclists are involved in more injury accidents per mile traveled compared to passenger car drivers in the United States. As a motorcyclist, it is crucial to know what to do if involved in a motorcycle accident. Regardless of how important seeking medical attention as soon as possible is, you also need to take other actions. Here are other things you can do to prevent further damage and avoid legal trouble:

Move Away from the Flow of Traffic

After being involved in an accident, remaining at the crash location will put you in danger of collision with other roadway users. Quickly moving away from the crash scene should be your primary priority, even if it requires you to leave your bike behind. Trying to move your motorcycle could worsen your injuries and compromise evidence. 

Leave Your Safety Gear On

After an accident, most motorcyclists immediately take off their helmets. Keeping all your gear on is an implausible yet important step to take after crashing. Serious injuries could be masked by adrenaline, and taking your gear off could worsen these injuries. After a crash, the best course of action is to move safely to where you can rest and limit movement until first responders arrive. 

Call Law Enforcement and First Responders 

The next important step to take is contacting law enforcement. In the event of an accident, you must call 911 for the sake of your health and your potential claim. If you cannot call law enforcement by yourself, ask someone to contact the emergency services as soon as possible. 

Get Information About the Other Driver and Vehicle 

While waiting for the emergency services to arrive, go and collect the other driver’s details; name, insurer, registration number, number plate, and record it on your phone. While doing this, you can also gather evidence, such as roadway skidmarks, gravel, road signs, and more. Insurance companies and legal teams will consider all these. If possible, you can also get more evidence from video recordings by pedestrians or nearby vehicles that might have caught the accident on camera. 

Consider Legal Support

Accident claims are usually complex and often result in expensive losses. You cannot always trust that your insurance company will compensate you fairly, and you may need help understanding your rights, collecting evidence, and proving your case. This is where experienced law firms like Gina Corena & Associates can help you. If you feel you have a feasible personal injury legal case, it is essential to save all your thoughts and information on the situation. In most cases, your legal representation will take over communications with your insurance company and the other party involved to resolve the case. 

Motorcycle crashes and injuries differ greatly in severity, but there are steps you should take when you or someone else is involved in a motorcycle accident. Following the instructions mentioned above is fundamental for your health and well-being and crucial for your possible legal claim.


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