Owning a motorcycle gives you the chance to start your own motorcycle charity ride. This is a great way to show your support for a worthy cause or raise awareness about an important issue. You can also turn your riding event into a charity fundraiser. Other riders and guests will have to pay a certain fee to get into the event. You can then donate that money to someone in need. Starting your own charity drive is easier than you might think. Use this guide to get started.

What is a Motorcycle Charity Ride?

There’s more than one way to host a charity motorcycle ride, but it usually means getting a large group of riders together in a large outdoor public space. Supporters and guests will usually line up around the starting location to see the riders off as they depart. The group will usually take a short tour of the community, stopping off at various locations along the way. The riders will then return to the starting location to close the event. 

This is similar to a charity walking or running event, only you get to ride your motorcycle instead. Lots of riders love participating in these events. It gives them a chance to meet like minded folks that enjoy riding just as much as them. It’s also a time for people to show off their motorcycles to the public. 

Find a Cause 

You’ll need to find a cause before you start putting your charity ride together, otherwise it would just a be a bunch of riders hogging the road. 

Consider donating to a cause or organization that means something to you and your loved ones. Whether it’s fighting a disease, helping the community rebuild after a storm, or speaking up about civil rights, you’re bound to find something that strikes a chord. People are usually more willing to donate/attend if they know you have a personal connection to the cause. 

If you’re not sure where to start, you can ask around the community or research various causes online. Make sure the organization is currently accepting donations as registered as a 501(c)(3).


As the organizer of the event, you’ll need to bring together around the cause at hand. Creating such an event from scratch can be a lot of work, especially if you have a full-time job, so consider enlisting some reinforcements. Contact a few of your friends or fellow riders to see if they’re interested in taking on some responsibility. Delegate tasks to other to lighten your workload.

Set the Date and Location

Every charity drive needs a location. It may seem like you can start riding from anywhere, but it’s best to set a specific start and end point with a tour along the way. Reach out to local business to see if they’re interested in becoming sponsors of your event, such as stores, coffee shops, and pubs where your riders can rest as needed.

National, state, and local parks tend to offer the amount of space necessary for large crowds. Your riders will also have lots of room to spread out. You may need to reserve these spaces ahead of time or obtain permits from the local authorities, so start planning as soon as possible. Give your crew and guests plenty of notice, so they can adjust their schedules.

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Set a Price

You’ll also need to come up with a pricing system for your event. Riders generally pay a higher price than pedestrians. Consider how much your target audience can afford. If you raise the prices too high, you might decrease turnout. 

You can charge a set rate to attend/participate in the event or charge by the mile. Riders can then get the public to sponsor them. The further they ride, the more their sponsors have to donate. 

Spread the Word

Once you have the details sorted out, it’s time to spread the word. You won’t raise money for your chosen cause unless people are willing to attend the event. Reach out to fellow riders in chat rooms, on social media, or by visiting a local motorcycle event. Encourage them to invite other riders and their friends to increase the head count. 

Try reaching out to established riders with large followings online to reach a wider audience. You can also advertise the event online or throughout the community.  Post your charity ride on popular motorcycle event websites like Born to Ride.

Find the Proper Equipment

You and your fellow riders need to wear the proper equipment on the road, including helmets, gloves, riding jackets, and boots, even if you’re only moving at a glacial pace. As the leader, you’ll need to coordinate with your companions as you navigate the route. Use a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with built-in wireless communication to contact your group and encourage others to do the same. 

Ride Safely

Keep your group safe on the road on the day of the event. It’s best to use a staggered formation with no more than five to seven riders per group. Encourage your group to leave at least two seconds between them and the next closest rider directly in front of them. This limits their exposure to debris while increasing stopping distance. 

Make sure everyone is equipped with Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers to keep everyone on the same page. 

Your motorcycle charity ride is sure to be a success if you follow these tips. Stay safe and enjoy your time with your fellow riders!


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